Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Mount Rainier Guiding Concessions

Here is some worthy Mount Rainier climbing news... Today, the NPS released the names of the companies that successfully competed for the future guiding contracts on the mountain. You may recall, the NPS went through an extensive commercial services planning (CSP) process over the past 4 years. The finalized plan, published in the spring of 2005, called for three guide service concessions to operate on Mount Rainier (as opposed to one, RMI). The CSP set a number of parameters for the next 10 years, including commercial use levels and commercial free zones, yet it also opened up the possibility for varied forms of guiding and training to occur. Many felt the plan was a historic step forward for the NPS, resource protection and for the mountaineering industry.

SOOO, who recieved the contract awards???... Rainier Mountaineering Inc., International Mountain Guides, and Alpine Ascents International.
We'll provide the official press release later, but the word is out and we thought you should know.