Friday, October 20, 2006


Sarah Heitman, a 21 year-old student attending UPS in Tacoma, was found safely today by ground and aviation teams after two days of searching. Sarah failed to return from a planned 4 day backpack trip around the Northern Loop trail; she departed from Ipsut Creek Campground last Saturday and was scheduled to return on Tuesday. By Wednesday night, her friends at UPS became concerned and notified campus security who then called the park service.

Numerous SAR (Search and Rescue) resources from around the state took part in the response: Tacoma, Seattle, and Olympic mountain rescue units, as well as the WA State Department of Emergency Management, German shepherd search dogs, King County Guardian Helicopter, and Olympic and North Cascade National Park personnel. I know I speak for Sarah's family, as well as for myself, in expressing thanks to everyone for their efforts in successfully completing this mission!