Friday, May 26, 2006

Memorial Weekend

It's a drippy start to summer. The forecast is less than thrilling for today and tomorrow (if you like to climb that is,) but we're optimistic that Sunday and Monday will be better.

As it stands now, there are two ranger patrols on the mountain. Camp Muir reported 17 inches of fresh snow; Camp Schurman 18! Bring your skis and snowboards!!!

As for Paradise...

Superintendent Dave Uberuaga said,
"I’m pleased to announce that the Paradise construction project was awarded today! This project consists of the rehabilitation of the Paradise Inn and the construction of a new visitor center in the upper parking lot.

Preliminary work on the $34 million project will begin next week. The Paradise Inn is scheduled to be completed in March of 2008. Work on the new Jackson Visitor Center will continue through the summer of 2008 with an anticipated opening in the fall. The current JVC will be demolished in 2009 after the opening of the new visitor center.

In two short years we will have a new visitor center that will last for 100 years and a rehabilitated National Historic Landmark building that will serve the visitors for at least another 90 years.

There will be no shortage of challenges for us during the project. Parking at Paradise will be reduced and alternative access to the Paradise Meadows trails will need to be identified. We are planning on providing a shuttle service for visitors and allowing them to park on the shoulders of the Valley Road."
As it stands now, climbers departing from Paradise should register at the Jackson Visitor Center.