Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Contributing Route Reports, Photos, and other Mt Rainier Information

A number of you have taken the time to send reports, stories and advice. From all accounts, that information is well appreciated. This site works best when readers, like yourself, send us your thoughts and become contributors (we also like to call you "climbing instigators.") If you've recently been on the mountain, let us know what you found...

To help manage the information, we've begun a contributors page. Like other functions on this site, it's sure to grow.


Major construction is planned in Paradise area this summer and next. The Paradise Inn will be closed this summer AND next for a remodel... Similiarly, a majority of the upper parking lot will closed as the NPS constructs a new visitor center (due to be completed in the fall of 2008.)

Climbers should expect changes and conjestion... More than likely, overnight parking will limited to the Paradise picnic area (i.e. arrive early) and normal access and hours to some buildings will be adjusted.

YES, "Paradise" is still open, but there will be unique challenges before you even hit the trail. We'll post the latest updates on access, parking and other restrictions, along w/maps and more information.