Monday, April 03, 2006

Summer Predictions

Many climbers are seeking information about "summer conditions." These are hard (if not impossible) questions to answer at this time. At this point in the season, it's better to discuss strategy, as it's difficult to pin down what the weather, routes, glaciers and other conditions will be like in May, June and July. If we said that things looked good now (and they do), it could all change.

What happens in the preceding two weeks of your climb could strongly influence the trip. During the summer, a climbing ranger can be reached at the Paradise Climbing Information Center from 7 am to noon. For 24/7 information, check back here.

We recognize that some climbers are eager and excited to make summer plans. Most of our spring advice is focused on:
  • Fitness - Start training now. Being fit can't be stressed enough; it will greatly help with your overall enjoyment of the climb.
  • Teammates - Choose your partners well, as they will greatly affect the success and enjoyment of your trip.
  • Duration - It helps to give yourself at least three days on any Rainier trip, particularly if you're traveling a long distance and this trip is really important. Extra days can be used to rest, or may provide a needed weather window.
  • Permits - see the previous post on reservations.