Monday, April 17, 2006

Mid April round-up

First and foremost, no one has reported reaching the summit over the past week. That means we have little to say about the upper mountain... Personally, I've had little time to get up there myself. We do know, however, that a boot path has been established to Camp Muir. We also know that the weather is excellent today and the forecast looks good for the entire week. A large team headed to Camp Muir yesterday in hopes reaching of the summit sometime this week. Maybe they will? We'll see...

The Wilderness Office has been working diligently on pre-season reservations for backpackers, particularly those along the Wonderland Trail. WOW did they have a gigantic stack of Wonderland Trail permits! At this time, they have not been able to process any climbing reservations. What does that mean? It means that no permits have been taken for the upper mountain... and that the reservation folks hope to complete all of the climbing reservations by May 5th. The Wilderness Office appreciates your patience as they make their way through the work pile.